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David Miller

In the present day of continuous technological advances have formed ways for companies no matter how huge or small their operations are, to do their business. The internet has taken the businesses of today to new heights. It affects the operations directly mainly due to its unique capability of connecting people and devices to meet their daily tasks and goals. It can make or break the day for a business in today’s time.

For example, not being able to connect to your client in China from America due to a poor connection. This would not have happened if you had one of the reputable ISP’s from the USA like CenturyLink Internet with a great fiber optic internet option that never goes down. Overall, you could very well lose the deal and if an issue like this happens with you on an occasional basis, your business could go downhill. This was just a minor explanation of what could happen and the importance of high-speed internet in our lives be it at home or office.

Whether at work or home, the internet is an everlasting need. We will not say a “want” or something “desired” but rather a “need”, like food or shelter. This is especially a case for students, adults who work, and kids who learn through it. It may not be a need for people to use it for negative or questionable uses. However, for use at both home and office, it needs to be fast, consistent, and have good customer support as an add-on, as no one likes a cranky internet or an ISP.

Therefore, here we are summing up some ways in which investing in your internet connection brings for the future of your business or home in a positive light.


With A Fast Internet Connection, You Increase Productivity, Have Motivated Employees, & Happy Customers Too

The fast-speed internet does not just calm down your nerves but saves you time and time is money. Employees do not have to spend about a minute for pages to upload every time they have to do something online, which if looked at would be about 10 – 20 minutes of time wastage every day. This slows down the end process especially when the internet is the main form of communication, for example, sending a message to the production team for emergency extra items of cupcakes to be produced that the client added at the last minute.

However, sadly your message never went through and great another unhappy customer your way. The employee morale also drops and you have unhappy employees too. Therefore, the internet does not have to be present but also working to boost operations.

A fast connection helps you stay connected to your customers too. Online customers need online businesses. This is so true that Facebook has a metric to understand the interactions of online customers with online businesses, which is higher if both are online. Happy customers mean the customer’s loyalty lies with you.

You Get More Online Visibility by Being Present & Available to Customers, Thus More Interactions

A successful business now is one with some online presence and reach with new and old customers. The key is to engage them and listen to resolve their worries and issues. It is also to reach new potential and keep prospecting through social media, websites, and other online forums like surveys, etc. Thus, if the speed is fast and your online surfing smooths the connections you interact with and hence more conversion to you and potentials at the edge of your door waiting to be part of you.

There Are Resiliency & Fewer Costs On Hardware, For Example:

  • Cloud Computing Can Remove Hardware Storage
  • No Manual System Upgrades
  • Collaborative Documentation Available From Anywhere

Examples of Amped Up Efficient Operations All-Around

  • Fast internal operations
  • Project Tracking is faster
  • Payroll is now managed on the web
  • Client billing is back to safe and encrypted
  • Connecting everything (devices, CCTV, departments, attendance, calendars)
  • Boost in performance of the business employees and operations


Presence, Speed, Cost, and the Type of Connections Matters

You need a connection at home that is present for you to avail, especially if you were using a certain ISP before. If a high-speed or fiber optics one does not do business in your area or the new place you have bought, you need to find the best one that works there. This is the case in rural areas. As not all, the top internet service providers operate or have their services in the area. You need 4G in such areas or good broadband with a high bandwidth such as AT&T or Xfinity.

You also need good speed options to do your daily tasks at home such as your research papers or watch educational documentaries that you have a presentation on or just simply watch the cooking video to try out a new dish or have a family night at home with your loved one. To not get frustrated and disturbed by a slow connection, you need to make sure you have a reliable connection. It is also dependent on your location and your usage as to what package you get but whichever it is; it should help you in tough times. The numbers you are comparing are bandwidth and a bandwidth of 100 Mbps is a good speed for downloads and uploads accounting for social media, streaming, and surfing the net. The receive you get and receive may differ so check in with your neighbors to know any issues in connectivity beforehand.

Cost is another factor to know what you can afford for bandwidth. This will depend widely on your usage. Such as $100 per month can get you a package of 50 GB and that too with a cable TV and on-demand video. There are so many ISPs so you will have to check in with yours for options that suit you best. Do weigh the pros and cons of all options and then decide something.

 The connection type also matters such as the DSL, Fiber Optics, Satellite, and Cable TV and not all may suit you, so you need to research what your neighbors are doing and then find the best option for you. It also depends on which brand you can trust and rely on for the services and check the one with the best customer support.

To Conclude

In the end, for both home and office you should check the connection you get vs what you pay for and how reliable the provider is. The reputation tells you a lot and you need to take advantage of that research and get the best out of the options in hand for you. For example, businesses cannot wait for a shift in new hardware repeatedly. For home, the replacement may not take time but it has some frustrating effects, as people are just too busy to argue and replace all the time.

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