What your outfits say about your personality

David Miller
David Miller

What you select to wear every day is not essentially arbitrary. Your outfits say a lot about your personality as well as it’s quite fascinating. Therefore, you should be familiar with new fashion trends and styles. You may take inspiration from Elle the Empress who wears every kind of outfit confidently and flaunts her beauty and boldness in overall look.

So, here are various fashion styles deciphered, along with a few insights into what your preference of clothing says about you.

5 Different fashion styles: Which one are you?


Do you stay in your gym outfits long after the gym? Love the way comfy, spandex leggings hug your legs? Choose tennis over pumps on most weekdays. Then you are absolutely a sporty gal. Girls who rock the sporty style are energetic and on the go. They select looks that are able to take them from shopping to soccer practice of their kid. If you love sporty clothing, odds are you are a huge proponent of physical activity.


Feminine fashion style is also described as girly. This style is full of ruffles, florals, hearts, lace, and pastel color like pink or lavender. This girl is a hopeless romantic who likes cuddling up to a romance novel or good romantic comedy. She loves to dress like a woman and be treated like one. If you are a girl who loves pretty high heels, skirts, dresses, and overall elegant fashions, you likely identify with the feminine style of clothing.


Let that air blow your hair girl because you are free and wild. Depict the free-spirited gal in the convertible seat with the top down and her hands in the air. Her clothing is spontaneous and so she is. She can’t follow the strict rules of fashion, but the dresses she comes up with are exciting. She will try fringe with lace and rock it. Wide leg pants and bell sleeves. She brings them back. The free-spirited style of fashion depends on the creative girl to think outside the box. She will throw both items in a dress that you will not think go together, but they work totally on her.

Homestead chic

These women can command a construction or farm site with style. Think boots, plaids, overalls, jackets, and button-ups. If you are comfortable in the community and like your outfits to reflect that, then you may have a little bit of sense of homestead chic fashion.

Make a statement

If you like bold prints, vibrant colors, designer shoes, and are not scared to wear them with confidence, then it’s a make a statement style. You incline toward outfits that say “YooHoo, over here”. Those bold prints and bright colors reflect the inner confidence of this lady. She is a woman, listen to her roar. If your outfits make a statement, then this can be also reflected in your personality. You are brave, confident, and never mind being the center of attention. 

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