Top 15 Ways to Get the Most Views on Instagram Live

David Miller
David Miller

Instagram Live has been the talk of the town lately—and for good reason. The feature allows users to go live on Instagram with just a few taps, which is extremely easy and intuitive to do.

Before you start streaming, your profile should be set up so that you have maximum followers tuning in. You can also buy Instagram views for videos if you need rapid results.

Fortunately, there are several steps one can take to maximize views on Instagram Live.

1) Post Live Videos After Dark

If you want your viewers to see exactly what’s going on during your live stream—without any post-production work—then it makes sense to go live in the evening when people are winding down their day and logging onto social media. People who use the feature at this time are generally more engaged with their feed, making it the most optimal time to stream.

2) Promote Your Streams Beforehand

If you’re doing a sponsored session or have some other big news to share, use your Instagram story to promote what’s coming up. A simple way of building anticipation is by posting on your feed before you start and telling your viewers to stay tuned—it may even encourage those who missed it the first time around to tune in later.

3) Use Hashtags

New as of this month, hashtags are now clickable on Instagram live videos . So go ahead and take advantage of them! Just as you would when creating a post, find the most relevant hashtags that are related to your post, and include them at the beginning or end of your Instagram Live video. You can also enter a hashtag in the comments to find other users who are live-streaming content featuring it.

4) Add Your Location

Adding “at” before your location lets people know where you’re streaming from. So if you’re doing a live event from the Louvre, for example, include “at Paris” or “at #Lauvre” in your caption and/or on-screen as you’re streaming.

5) Use High-Quality Filters and Video Editing Tools

Just because Instagram Live videos are only temporary doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into their production value—especially if you’re planning on re-sharing them later. Take advantage of all the editing and filtering tools that Instagram offers. There’s no need to hide anything!

6) Ask Questions During Your Live Stream

One of the best ways to get viewers talking—and also keep them intrigued—is by asking them questions throughout your stream. You can then randomly select people’s responses to win an Instagram-related prize or give away a free product or service!

7) Provide Regular Updates During Your Stream

If you want the highest chance of success for each of your Instagram Live sessions, make sure to continuously post updates during the event. Letting your viewers know exactly what’s happening with regular updates helps to keep them engaged and adds a fun, interactive element that they can’t find anywhere else.

8) Put Your Video Footage into Video Tutorials

Now that your Instagram Live videos are created, you don’t want to leave all the hard work sitting idle on your profile. Instead, edit your video and create a short tutorial for your channel/website. You can even link it straight to your post on Instagram!

9) Create a GIF from Your Video

Even though Instagram Live videos are only temporary, they still leave behind an impressive mark: the ability to create and share a GIF of your stream . This is especially useful if you want to highlight something specific within your stream.

10) Improve Your Live Stream with Second Screen Features

Now that you’ve set up your Instagram profile so that it has the maximum number of viewers possible, you can optimize its live-streaming capabilities even more by using second screen features. Turn off notifications, minimize your other apps and devices, and make sure you aren’t doing anything else on your phone while streaming.

11) Have a Digital Sidekick Join Your Stream

If you want to bring more fun into your streams, consider having a digital sidekick join you remotely via your computer or tablet . This is an especially powerful tactic if the person is someone—or something—that your followers already know and love.

12) Instantly Reply to User Comments During Your Stream

Instagram Live videos bring a sense of immediacy that’s rare for many social media channels, allowing you to jump into conversations right away with ease . If someone asks a question or leaves a comment as your stream is going on, feel free to instantly reply to them with your smartphone. This is a great way to have more personalized conversations and interact with others on a more personal level.

13) Respond to Comments by Posting Videos During Your Stream

This advanced tactic essentially lets you respond to comments in real time via Instagram Live videos . If someone asks about something during your live-streaming session, take a quick video on your smartphone of you explaining the answer. Then post it to Instagram so everyone can see it!

14) Add More Value by Creating Content Around Your Live Stream

Now that you have your live stream created, you want to ensure that each one stays valuable for longer than just its limited 24-hour lifespan. To do that, create bonus content after you finish your session. This can be anything from a video tutorial to an interview to even something as simple as a product announcement.

15) Promote Your Live Streams on Other Networks

Finally, it’s important not to limit yourself to Instagram when promoting your live streams. Many other networks have their own communities that are just waiting to interact with your content, so feel free to promote your live-streaming sessions on relevant channels

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