Keap vs Salesforce; Which Software Prevails

David Miller
David Miller

What is a Marketing Software

In this day and age where everything is automated, a marketing software is a necessity rather than a luxury for a modern business. This is because with a marketing software you are able to streamline your entire online marketing efforts. And online marketing efforts are equally if not more important than traditional marketing methods. A marketing software can help you streamline your marketing efforts considerably. This is because with this software you can work on online campaigns, email campaigns, social media and much more. 

In this piece, we will be giving you a rundown for two major marketing software out there. Both these software are incredibly popular and well known in the industry. After reading this piece you will have more clarity about which software might be right for you. Reading up on software features helps you determine which software is right for you and which might serve you well! Keep reading to learn more and be able to more easily make a decision about the right software for your needs. 

Keap Features 

Segmented Contact Lists 

Having contact lists in this day and age is imperative especially for your online marketing efforts as a business. With Keap you are able to take advantage of keeping extensive contact lists and not only that, but the software allows you to do some great things with these contact lists. The software allows you to segment your lists and create several lists based on similar characteristics of the contacts. This means you can then cater your campaigns to your customers better because this feature allows you to essentially create different lists that you can market to individually rather than your entire contact list at once. This feature helps you focus your marketing campaigns and as a result, make them more impactful. 

Seamless Integration 

Another great thing about this software is that it helps you to integrate different software into it seamlessly. If you are using software for storing your contacts and other things then you do not need to worry since you can seamlessly integrate the software into Keap and take advantage of them. This helps you out quite a lot and allows you to make things easier since you do not have to shift any data or find yourself having to manually enter information. But with the use of Keap, you are able to make things easier and be able to work even more efficiently. Being able to integrate your software into one makes it easier to use all of them and keep everything updated as it needs to. 

Better Finances 

Another great thing about Keap and makes the Keap pricing worth it is that it helps you with your finances. The software allows you to set up a recurring payment system through which you can directly charge clients and customers instead of having to manually make new invoices every time. This helps you to keep things in perspective and hence be able to reduce your workload since you can essentially automate the payment process. Other than reducing your workload, the automatic payment process also allows for payments to be made sooner and much more swiftly than they would have been otherwise. This means that your finances will also be in a much better position. All in all, this feature will be extremely helpful for you! 

Keap Pricing

Keap pricing is on a sliding scale and depends on your requirements from the software. The cheapest version of the software costs $109 a month and the most expensive version can cost around $499 a month. 

Salesforce Features 

Email Campaigns 

The next software we want to talk about is Salesforce. This software also has a myriad of great features which make it such a wonderful addition to your business. The email campaigns feature for instance in this software is a real winner. The feature helps you create email marketing campaigns from scratch and also send them out very easily to your contact lists. The software allows you to choose from templates, add elements and do a lot more with your email campaigns. You can also take a look at analytics and figure out how your campaign did since the software displays the open and click rate for your emails and gives you a perspective into how you did on your campaign. 

Analytics and Forecasting

The analytics feature in Salesforce is incredibly helpful. This is because with this feature you are able to critically take a look at how your marketing efforts are doing. Creating and launching campaigns are only one part of your marketing effort, analyzing how those campaigns did is just as if not more important. The software allows you to keep a check on your return on investment since you will be able to see how much revenue you are getting in return for the money you are putting into your marketing effort. This gives you a good perspective on whether a marketing campaign you have launched is worth it or not! 

Salesforce Pricing

Salesforce is a software that has different pricing tiers. The software costs $25 a month for the cheapest version and can go up to $300 or more for the most expensive version of it! It depends on the number of users, how much the software will cost you per month as the cost is per user per month! 

Which Software is Right for You

Now that we have given you so many details on both Keap software and Salesforce; you should be able to make your own decision about the software. We cannot decide for you about whether the software is right for your needs as every business varies in what it wants to prioritize. We suggest listing out in order of need what you want most in a marketing software and then choosing the software which will cater to your most pressing needs better. 

We also suggest looking at your marketing budget and then choosing a software which comes within it. Both Salesforce and Keap pricing is not cheap hence you should do your calculations properly before committing to a software! 

We are sure you will end up choosing the right software for your needs as a business! 

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