How to Choose the Best Influencer Marketing Agency in New York

David Miller
David Miller

Today’s on-screen media entertains and informs sceptical viewers. The viewers have a variety of needs and at the same time a lot of choices. Televised media has taken a big leap with the introduction of internet-based over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Masses of this age have indulged themselves in the internet rage and are using it to their full potential. This has granted a great deal of importance to social media and other subsequent applications.

Many popular users of social media platforms have a dedicated following and an engaged audience through creative or informative content they produce, post, and share granting them influencer status.

The content can be pictorial (ex. Instagram), video-based (ex. YouTube), or even written content-based (ex. Facebook). Marketing through televised, physical advertisements, and the other traditional methods have given way to social media influencer marketing. A specialized organization running these campaigns for its clients and is called an influencer marketing agency.

New York is one of the most populous cities in the US and is one of the most popular places for a business to have a presence in. It is a global hub for business and commerce and is also located at the heart of the media and entertainment industry. An Influencer marketing agency in New York has the advantage of the presence of celebrities and influencers and almost all major brands and businesses of the world.

You need to choose between the influencer marketing agencies of New York for a campaign that will need you to consider many factors. Let’s discuss these factors and gain a better understanding of the process.

Research their existing brand associations

Always check and consider the track record of an agency before partnering with them. Find out and analyze the details and historical data about their campaigns. Experience and expertise are big factors when it comes to success.

Their experience in the industry will let them be able to handle situations that others might seem not important and hence, be unprepared for. Proper planning is a major pillar of the success of any campaign or project. Expertise with the tools and manpower will allow them to conduct and assess the collaborative campaign between you and the influencer.

The type of association within specific industry types will also provide an insight into the agency’s success metrics in a particular industry or a variety of them. Chances are all agencies might not have the required knowledge and skills to handle a product or service campaign for your type of industry.

Analyze their pool of influencers

All agencies have working ties with influencers of different categories. Celebrities, macro-influencers, micro-influencers, and nano-influencers have different levels of engagement and influencing tactics. You will need to check and understand what they do and how they do it.

Your budget would need to be adhered to when you calculate that essential factor of ROI. You might need to work with a specific type of influencer to gain success in your campaign, also being limited within your budget.

Engagement rates and mass awareness are also an outcome of the influencer types and their methods of promotion. Consider this: you are a small or medium business and are launching a product. Your target will be mass awareness for a start and then move on to customer engagement as the campaign progresses. You will need to settle with an agency with more active relations with macro or micro-influencers.

Understand their working methods

Understand the business process of the agency in depth before deciding. The smoother the relationship and clearer the communication as per your standards is also a deciding factor towards effectiveness.

The success of the campaign rests majorly on the deployed strategy. A reliable agency will always give its best towards the success of your campaign. You will need to discuss in depth their proposed format of handling a new campaign. You will need them to specify their norms of selecting platforms, influencers, strategies, assessment metrics, and improvisations.

They should also clearly define the ROI in line with your requirements for the campaign. The communication channel and your single point of contact (SPOC) must be clearly communicated. This will allow you to reach out to the person who will be able to understand your requirements and act on them immediately.

Weigh their strategies

A multitude of strategies is used by the agencies towards their campaigns in an effort to cater to the needs of their clients. Thet know what are the factors that can influence the markets of any business. You will need to find out the types of strategies they have used successfully and their achieved benefits.

The strategy they are offering for your campaign needs to be weighed against their achieved success on similar ones. The agency’s expertise, resources, and manpower towards the same should be considered carefully before making the decision. Just offering the strategy is not enough as their capabilities towards the offering must match the projections.

Proper and exhaustive research is the only way to figure out the agency’s capabilities towards their offered strategy if it matches your requirements. You can also consult the brands they have been involved with before to check the authenticity of their claims.

Check the testimonials

Testimonials are a good way to find out if the agency has a list of happy clients. Their services will satisfy clients only when their campaigns have been successful and deemed effective. Testimonials towards the same will give insights into their achievements. Their communication, work ethics, and success rates will give a clear representation of their campaigns.

Always check testimonials from different sources as they can be easily falsely published. Genuine reviews will be mostly available from third-party sources like Quora and other community forums. Once you have interest in an agency tally the testimonials and verify the ones from their website with other community forums and their clients.

Their service quality, business integrity and customer satisfaction level is also a good way to measure the above. Although it will be difficult to dig out the required information it will be worth your time and effort.

You must be very clear about your requirements and outline the targeted goals before creating a digital marketing campaign. This will not only help you decide on the correct influencer marketing agency in New York but also pave your path towards a successful campaign.

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