How Do I Know My Personal Loan Is Approved In HDFC?

David Miller
David Miller

HDFC Personal loans are easy to avail and the user can get a loan of upto 40 Lakhs. The HDFC Personal loan interest rates start at 10.5% and go upto 21%. The existing customers of the bank get a pre-approved offer and the best HDFC Personal loan interest rate. The only major requirement is a good CIBIL score, eligibility criteria and set of documents.  After you have applied for HDFC Personal loans the next step that comes across is to check the status of your personal loan application. HDFC Personal loans offer various online and offline methods by which you can check your application status. 

Methods to check the status of your loan application

  • Offline Modes
  1. You can keep an eye on the status of your personal loan application by visiting the HDFC branch. There are many branches of the bank all over the country. You can go and visit your nearest branch and provide your loan application reference number with your registered mobile number to check the status of your loan application.
  2. You can also contact the customer service department of the bank by contacting the toll free number – 1800 258 3838 and provide the required details to know your application status. 
  • Online Modes –
  1. You can check the status of your loan application by using the mobile application of HDFC Bank. You can download the application and go to the option of ‘Personal loan’. If you have already applied for the loan, the status of your application will be displayed on providing the necessary details. 
  2. You can also visit the official website of the bank and check the status of your application by entering your registered mobile number. Click on the personal loans option under the Product tab and track your personal loan application by entering your mobile number that is registered with your loan application.
  3. Your reference number of your loan application is important as it helps you to track your application both online and offline. You can go to the link of the loan tracker of HDFC bank, enter your reference number along with your date of birth and registered mobile number. Your loan status will be displayed on the next screen. 
  4. You can also check your loan application status through net banking. Enter your net banking id and password on the official website of the bank. Go to the loans section and click on the track application status option. 

The Bottom Line

If you are aware of your loan application reference number, it is not a very hard job to keep an eye on your loan application. There are many other ways in which you can track your loan application that are explained above. Before tracking your loan application, make sure that you have applied for the best HDFC Personal loan Interest rates. You should also calculate your EMIs on the prior basis using the HDFC Personal loan EMI calculator. This benefits you as you can have an appropriate idea of how much EMI you can pay without making any defaults. You can plan your monthly expenses and other obligations by altering your EMIs and the loan tenure according to your repayment capacity.

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