How can I buy casino chips online?

David Miller
David Miller

To organize a poker night, there are a few necessities associated with it. A set of playing cards is a must. Some might even say that beer and pizza also comes in the list of necessities too. But anyhow if you’re playing a cash game with a group of friends or organizing a tournament event, a poker chips set is a must.

In this blog, we will present the complete guide to buy casino chips online and discuss what chips will be best for you. You can find standard casino chips in various online sites such as eBay and Amazon. A good quality, typical 300-chip set includes a combination of four different colors (black, red, green, and blue), a dealer button, and two decks of cards.

To order poker chips online, you must have knowledge about the different sets of chips available. They come in different chip combinations that include 200-chip sets, 300-chip sets, 500-chip sets, and 750-chip sets. Most of these sets come in a standard wooden or aluminum handy case. These sets differ in sizes and also in the number of chips. To buy casino chips online, you can visit One Eyed Jack. High quality poker chips with various combinations are available there.

Types of poker chips

Plastic Poker Chips: These chips are the oldest among all and are used since 1950. They are extremely light in weight and cheap. They feel soft to touch and cannot be slided easily around a table. These chips are still manufactured by poker chip manufacturers but are generally avoided by professional players. They cannot be easily stacked and are generally substandard for most poker games.

Clay Poker Chips: Formerly, poker chips were made out of clay. Those have a much better feel than the cheap plastic chips. Today, clay chips are barely used in poker. But to mimic the feel and touch of clay chips, a composite material is used. These are much more durable and less brittle than the old clay chips. Modern poker chip manufacturers build the same traditional 13.5 or 11.5-ounce weights because they are easy to handle.

Ceramic Poker Chips: Ceramic chips are considered of better quality and more durable than clay or composite chips. Poker chip manufacturers use injection molding methods to manufacture them. Graphics are then printed directly onto the chips unlike the lesser-quality chips. These chips are even more customizable than other chips with more elaborated designs. Do visit One Eyed Jack, if you want to check out some customized poker chips or order poker chips online at affordable prices.

Metal Poker chips: These are the lesser known and used poker chips and hard to track a set down. They offer a unique look to your poker room by introducing unique colors like gold, bronze, and silver. They are extremely durable and also make a satisfying sound when thrown on a pot.

Clay or ABS, which is better?

A number of players prefer to have some clay content in their poker chips due to the duller texture and unique feel than ABS composite chips. It also has a better stacking ability than other chips due to its duller surface. ABS composite chips have a slicker surface and are hard to stack on top of each other. As per customer feedback and reviews, poor stacking ability is more than an issue to professionals.

Clay poker chips also have some disadvantages as well. They are less durable and more fragile than ABS composite chips. Also clay composite chips are more expensive than ABS chips because clay is a costlier material than ABS. When splashed against the pot, clay composite produces a more satisfying ‘thud’ sound than ABS composite chips, which makes a ‘ping’ sound.

From the above classification, the major differences between clay composite and ABS composite might be clear to you. Further the choice is up to you, which you want to go for.


There are a variety of options when it comes to buy casino chips online. Whether you are about to organize a five-person cash game or a three-table tournament, players nowadays get the opportunity to go for a cheaper poker chip set to fulfill their requirements. You just have to buy the one appropriate for you and enjoy playing!

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