What To Consider When Picking Pie Boxes For Packaging

David Miller
David Miller

Whether you are a home baker or a professional one, you would agree that pie boxes are essential to market your products. They could really make a difference and raise your position in the competitive market. But to ensure their efficacy in this aspect, it is important to take into account several things before selecting them.

Make sure the boxes you are selecting are practical and aesthetic as this way it becomes easy to seize customer attention. Here is an all-inclusive list of factors that need to be focused upon during the selection of these boxes. 

Packaging Quality

This is the most important feature that any packaging must have and pie boxes are no exception. When we talk about the bakery products like pies, immediately the words like “delicate” or “fragile” comes to our mind. They need a strong storage solution that can keep their integrity secured.

The best stratagem in this aspect is to go for corrugated cardboard in the making of these boxes. It is a high-quality and high-grade paper material that has higher tensile strength as well as GSM value. Its ability to not experience any wear or tear even upon the application of critical loads makes it pretty special. So, use this material to make sure you provide a premium quality product to the customers. 

Size Matters

The size of different baked items can never be the same. Just like there is variation in the weight of every edible, the size varies as well. Sticking with a conventional approach, i.e., a standard size, is not a good approach at all. You need to consider the structure and dimensions of the edibles and then select the size accordingly.

Take measurements of individual eatables and select a personalized packaging size for each of them. The best outcome of doing so is that the unnecessary movements of items would be stopped. This means there would be no damage to the product by collision due to shocks and vibrations caused in the transportation process. 

Complex packaging influences purchasing habits, but in a negative way. The more simple and handy the packaging, the lesser it will take you to sell your delectable items in the market. Clients never like packaging with difficult opening or closing. Keeping that in mind, go for designs that are convenient and do not make the unboxing experience a mess. Also, keep the material intake lower in the making of pie packages. This would prove light on your pocket and reduce the overall weight of the products as well. 

Internal Features

Product protection and presentation are two separate things. But, they can be assured with the addition of some internal features. Use some custom inserts, placeholders, or compartments inside the pie packages. These little additions form a snug fit around the delicate products and stop them from breaking.

They also provide enormous results in product display as the items look more organized and their display value increase even more. You can also attach die-cut windows on the inside of these pie packages. Having a see-through feature, they would present your items in an impressive manner.

Consider Environmental Impact

When you are selling natural food items like pies, considering the environmental impact of your packaging is vital. This is because so much waste is generated due to unconsumed food items. And, if the packaging is generating waste as well, the planet will become inhabitable. Buyers also look at this aspect very closely when they are about to buy a particular item. So, always go for packaging that is eco-friendly and creates a greener image for your brand. 

It can be summed up easily that pie boxes need to be handy and functional to amaze the customers. Other factors that need your attention are box quality, its size, and its environmental impact. Designing the packages by keeping these factors in mind would help you lift up your sales by earning customer loyalty. 

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