7 Reasons Why Tourist Love To Visit Dubai

Muhammad Zamman
Muhammad Zamman

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I’m sure you’ve all wanted to visit UAE at least once in your life. But you must be thinking about the reason for it being such a mainstream tourism spot? Enchanting the world with its natural beauty, amazing architecture, and tasty foods, Dubai is the fifth most visited city in Asia. It is the largest city in the UAE  and one of the most famous tourist spots. But have you ever thought what are the best places to visit in the UAE? Dubai is the most famous tourist place in UAE. Now you want to go to Dubai but are not sure what to see in Dubai? We’ve got you covered. Here we will tell you you must do things in Dubai, the Best places to visit in Dubai What is Dubai famous for, and much more than that. Visiting Dubai from November to April, in the winters is the best time as summers are way too hot in Dubai. But if you wanna experience ace the Dubai Shopping Festival and the heavy traffic of the tourists you can visit Dubai in January and February as well. So now that you know the best time to visit Dubai, Let’s see what Dubai is famous for.

1- Dubai's nightlife.

Dubai is well-known for its amazing nightlife. From going for a walk around the city to going horse riding under the moon. It has so much to offer for nightlife. You can go for yoga under a full moon or can go for an overnight desert safari. You can also go shopping or clubbing at night for a better experience of Dubai’s nightlife.

2- Famous cuisines

Dubai is full of delicious flavors. Whatever food you name of is already available in Dubai. At Al Dhiyafah Road, you can find a lot of street food for inexpensive rates. If you want to satisfy your craving for some five-star restaurant with expensive food you can easily find one in Dubai according to your appetite. Dubai’s cuisine is just another reason why tourists love this city. You can also go on food tours in Dubai as they are inexpensive. Even though Dubai has progressed a lot, its food still smells and tastes like the old days. It doesn’t matter what makes you visit Dubai, you’ll always enjoy visiting it because of its amazing cuisine with various flavors and spices of Dubai.

3- Palm Island

There are three artificial islands made on the seashore of Dubai in the UAE. They are named Palm Jumeirah, Deira Islands, and Palm Jebel Ali, which are the most complex engineering plans ever inducted. Out of the three islands, Palm Jumeirah has been built completely and according to its name, it has the form of a huge palm tree with a curve at the top. The Palm Jumeirah is heaven on Earth for tourists. You can visit the Aquaventure Waterpark and ride record-breaking waterslides, splash in the swimming pool, just chill with a  cocktail on the beach. You can even go swim with the dolphins or go visit The Lost Chambers aquarium where you can try snorkeling with marine animals or just go boating at the Palm Jumeirah.

4- Beaches

Beaches are one of the most favorite destinations in the Middle East for tourists who love being in the sun around the sea. If you want to go for a short vacation in the sun, Dubai has various beaches to entertain you. This is the best place to head to if you’re interested in being around sand and sun and wanna enjoy the waves of the Emirate. Dubai’s latest beachside destination has a lot to show for its tourists, from cafes and restaurants to trampoline parks and even boutiques. It is an all-in-one place for its visitors.

5- Deserts

In Dubai, one thing you’d expect to see the most will be amazing architecture, themed parks, and an infinite number of shopping malls and restaurants but not a lot of UAE’s natural scenery. But if you’re an outdoor person, don’t worry as Dubai is full of amazing deserts with a lot of fun activities like camping or even just driving through the deserts when the weather is not too hot from October to February.

6- Shopping malls

Dubai is a dream place for someone who loves shopping and with several shopping malls, there’s so much to explore. For every kind of explorer, there’s something different to experience at one of the largest malls in the whole world. You can find high-end brands like Zara and Topshop or department shops like Bloomingdale’s and Galeries Lafayette. But that’s not all, you can also visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo for the best tour experience, you can slide on the ice, go skating, or take your kids for indoor fun with the aquatic life. It will be the best experience for shopping lovers.

7- Burj-Al-Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is known as the Tallest Building in the world. But not only that, it has been breaking a lot of other records as well. It is three times taller than Eiffel Tower. It is almost two times taller than the Empire State Building. Its height is the most impressive fact about Burj Khalifa. But keeping that aside, Burj Khalifa has made six more records than this one. It is the tallest freestanding building in the world, has the most number of floors in the world, has the highest utilized stories in the world, has the most powerful overlooking deck in the world, has the lift with the most travel distance in the world, and has the tallest service lift in the world. What more can you expect from just a building? It is the best part of Dubai and the most famous one. So it is worth paying a visit.

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