5 reasons why diamond is considered as the purest form of jewels

David Miller
David Miller

Diamonds the symbol of wealth, power and status have been considered the most valuable and purest form of jewels. This purest form of the substance is made up of carbon atoms. It’s pure elemental carbon, compressed to its crystal form under extreme heat and pressure deep within the Earth. Other than the natural or mined diamonds lab-grown diamonds are also occupying an important place in the diamond market due to similar characteristics as the mined diamonds in other words they are the mirror of natural diamonds but are low in price as they lack resale value.

They have become today’s trend and one of the factors for its popularity can also be contributed to its similar features like the natural diamonds and affordable price. Many are in love with these diamonds as it has made it possible for many to gift their beloved for their special occasions may it be like lab diamond ring for engagement, wedding, birthday,anniversary and many more.The purity of this gemstone is determined by the 4 c’s which refers to its cut, clarity, colour, carat and can speak about the brilliance, allegiance, value, style and purity of a diamond jewel. The 5 reasons why diamond is considered as the purest form of the jewel are because of its features like

DIAMONDCUT- Diamond is the hardest form of gemstone found in nature well known for its appeal and symmetrical sparkle which is due to the transmission of light that interacts with the facets providing it with a intense sparkle for which its renowned for. The sparkle of diamond depends on  its cut.

DIAMONDCLARITY-whereas the clarity of a diamond depends on the naturewhich is characterized by impurities which in turn affects its transparency. It’s a common property of diamond which is universally found in its all forms. Diamonds do have blemishes on their surface which are due to the external impurities too. Therefore, when we plan to buy a clear diamond the thing that strikes us is definitely that a clear diamond would be on the higher end.

DIAMONDCOLOUR-The hero of jewels is labelled as pure when they transmit visible light and appears as a clear colourless crystal. A chemically pure diamond has no hue like a drop of pure waterwith a high value due to its purity and clarity.GIA the diamond graders grade the diamonds as D-Z based upon its colour.

DIAMONDCARAT-Like other things around us diamonds also has weight which is determined by its carat. This parameter to be considered to know about its purity. When other metals are mixed to give support and strength to jewellery then it’s not considered as its purest form. The carat alone cannot measure the purity of diamond rather the other 3 c’s apart from carat togethercan give us a hint of its purity.

DIAMOND CERTIFICATION- If you are clueless about how to go about checking for the 4 c’s then the certification can be the best guide for anyone looking out for a pure diamond.GIA grades and certifies the diamonds based on their purity.

These 5 c’s labels diamond as the purest form of jewels. Adorningthis gemstone that is the top most form of purity can give a feeling of brilliance and satisfaction that is derived from the investment done to acquire it just like the satisfaction experienced relaxing in exotic beaches which is so soothing and we don’t even repent spending bulks on such entrainment.

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